1. Program Management– Run any existing program with correct, automatically generated parameters.
  2. User Defined Calendars– Create your own calendars and time schedules for business processing.
  3. LightsOut – JobScheduler's exclusive feature to ensure any failure of jobs, network or systems gets handled quickly and appropriately.
  4. Output Manager – offers on-line review of output files, distribution, alerts to off-line printers, and printer security.
  5. Security Auditing – monitors and records changes to all JobScheduler for Oracle® setups, from Programs and Streams to Parameters and Scheduler registrations. Administrator can review all changes from one audit monitoring screen.
  6. Security Access– role based security to prevent users from accessing jobs or output they are not authorized, without compromising their access to the data the need.
  7. View Job Status – provides users with real time information on the status of jobs. No more fielding support calls. A floating Control dialog allows you to send more than 20 different control actions to Master or Agent Schedulers.
  8. Dynamic Load Balancing – automatically adjusts queues to maximize throughput. No more overloaded or underutilized machines.
  9. DiskSentry – automated file management that includes options for deleting errored jobs, printed jobs, excessively large output files and other related activities. Provides an audit trail of saved and deleted jobs.
  10. High Availability – provides uninterrupted scheduling corresponding with the different modes of failure: system, network or database. Includes:
    • Master Scheduler: provides a single point-of-control for scheduling decisions, and then sends jobs to the appropriate Agent Scheduler for execution on a local or remote system.
    • Auto-restart Database Tolerance: continues normal operation including job execution, monitoring, and completion while retrying the database at increasing intervals.
    • Agent Scheduler Hibernate: writes schedule information to a "hibernate file" and then shuts down gracefully. Resynchronizes if you elect to restart.